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Steven Dowd

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The Story

How 'Challenge' became the focus...

Steven Dowd committed to get fit and registered for a charity cycling event. He bought a bike, started training and rode to work like thousands of others. One idyllic June morning, Steven left his home with the simple goal of meeting a friend for the daily commute.

He never arrived...


The Approach

How Steven
helps your people...

Steven clearly shows that ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. He is you and you are him. Through relatable, candid and humorous keynotes he acknowledges "Your biggest challenge is yours, without comparison to others." and inspires you to develop your Change & Resilience toolkit before you face future Challenges. He helps audiences consider their current approach to 'Forced Change' and 'Crisis Recovery', and shares tools from his C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. model built by distilling his most potent messages to benefit your staff, clients and the bottom line.

Can Steven help you...?


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